1UP: Homefront Review

1UP writes "An engrossing story and impressive multiplayer make up for the been-there-done-that solo campaign."

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huntsman12302656d ago

I find myself wanting to play this game more after the last couple of days. I'm s bit surprised really. I'll need to put my ignorance aside and give this one a shot. Those saying its another run-of-the-mill shooter should do the same. Since like me, you are ignorant.

ColecoVision2656d ago

If you can pick off enemy A.I. from a distance, and not have them respawn because you don't advance fast enough, then it's all good.

DelbertGrady2656d ago

Couldn't agree more. I hate the "pushing" gameplay in titles like COD.

PrimordialSoupBase2656d ago

Absolutely none of that so far.

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Dlacy13g2656d ago

Solid review... 1UP is one of my prefered review sites. Between them, IGN and Joystiq I really dont give credence to other sites reviews on a whole.

As for the trolls on these threads, just go play your Blops or your KZ3. Stick your head in the sand and dont allow yourself to try other games. I think the rest of us would prefer you stay away anyway.