PS3 Attacked by Jessica Nigri, Nick Is Here to Defend! - Nick's Gaming View Episode #40

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #40, Nick covers this week's latest news including the release of Sony’s rumored PlayStation Cloud service and the unveiling of SOCOM 4’s beta dates. Nick also covers Epic Games’ statement about continuing the Gears of War franchise based upon the sales performance of Gears of War 3. Lastly, Jessica Nigri makes her return to debate XBOX 360 vs. PS3 with Nick, the host. This is Nick's Gaming View!"

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Nick2120042538d ago

After you all check out our 360 vs. PS3 debate, be sure to let us know who won and what else you would like for us to debate!

BubbleSniper2538d ago

you from Pittsburgh?

curious to what you think about FO3 DLC THE PITT. LOL

Nick2120042538d ago

I am actually from Florida, but my father and grandfather are from Pennsylvania and they raised me as a Steelers fan. The recent SuperBowl was definitely upsetting, but we will be back once the NFL comes back together.

I_find_it_funny2538d ago

nobody won, you both are sad for doing this in the first place

Rynx2538d ago

Well honestly, you showed more engagement than she did on the debate, but overall the debate was only on a slightly higher plane than some n4g commenters. Especially with her

"Sony will sell out to microsoft eventually"? Really? That was soo random and unjustifiable that it was hard to listen to her objectively afterwards.

And you Nick if you're trying to make your case on the PS3 why would you say "If you want great games, but 'ok' online the PS3 is where it's at", that just practically gave the debate to her. Some people don't care about exclusives that much. Some people own more multiplats then exclusives so how are you going to sell it them? When they can be just fine with their exclusives on the 360 with "great online" in which you admitted to.

I only listened to the second part. I tried listening to the first part after having heard the second part but the video was barely catching up, it kept pausing so I stopped (crappy connection on my end maybe).

anyway all in all, it was a decent debate.

StbI9902538d ago

Doubting now that sony will even outsell microsoft this year, not with japan in that state.

Well well, not this time I think, but nice try though.

LiL T2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Out sell and sell out meant two totally diffrent things.
edit: agree with what your saying but I dont think She meant what you did if that makes sense.

Xander7562538d ago

I'm gonna have to say Jessica won because she was right. :)

Azianphil882538d ago

she gorgeous ill admit that but shes not professional to debate with you.
If you want to debate between the PS3 vs 360
go on youtube and look for guy call GeneralMLD he is a pro 360 and you should check him out

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killajd2538d ago

Man ur gamer war that u just started it hot by meaning shes hot. Loved the back and forth u two had! She got u on a couple of points tho :)

Nick2120042538d ago

She is definitely gorgeous, but sure knows what she is talking about!

fanatical_g2538d ago

DAYUMMMMM. she is foineeee! xD

killajd2538d ago

That she is and Nick is one lucky man

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