Go! Gaming Giant: Enigmo Review

From the review:

"Anyone who knows me (there aren’t many) knows that I’m getting rather tired of physics-based puzzle games. Like zombie games, it seems to have become a game-developer rite of passage, especially for indie developers. It’s like they seem to think that the only way to make it in this industry is to feature the undead or semi-realistic physics. But then again, some of my favorite games feature at least one of these things. I’m not quite ready to say that Enigmo has completely water-boarded its way into my heart, but it sure is trying."

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omicron0092679d ago

lots of good indie games lately, have to check this one out.

ItsEvan2679d ago

I got bored of physics based games since HL2 >.<

RaymondM2678d ago

im gonna disagree, physics games tend to be good fun for the most part