Zelda's 25th Anniversary: The Dream Package

Zelda Informer takes a stab at what Nintendo might deliver for The Legend of Zelda's 25th anniversary, based in part on Mario-related offers from last year, and in part on the cryptic statement that Zelda's silver year is going to be a bit different...

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ZeroX98762685d ago

one simple thing they could do is releasing a disc just like the mario anniversary one. Limited edition with Zelda 1,2, LttP and maybe another one (n64). Put in some artwork, history about the story and original concept and you got some serious money coming in!

but still, I like the idea of having a special edition golden wii with Skyward sword.

YoungKingDoran2685d ago

dont forget wii-mote master sword attachment. hell, id probably never take it off

jeeves862685d ago

I could definitely go for the fan mock-up 3DS there.

I want it now.

ZeroX98762685d ago

yeah forgot about that one. man, I miss the old times when we were kids playing Zelda LTTP and ocarina of time! good old times, not a First Person Shooter fest like we are in now.....