Beyond Good & Evil HD - No excuse to miss this remastered classic (Hooked Gamers)

Everyone has a list of games that they should have played. Games that are considered classics but were somehow passed over for a variety of reasons. Beyond Good & Evil is one of those games for me. Despite hearing great things about it when it was released, I just never got a chance to sit down and play it. So when Ubisoft announced that they were re-releasing the title in a remastered HD package (via XBOX Love Arcade) I knew I had to jump at the opportunity to play the title that so many people have raved about for years.

The big questions emanating from me included whether this game, which is now eight years old, could hold up against more modern releases, and would I be able to enjoy the title without having nostalgia to lean on? Fortunately, the answer to both these questions is yes, although I say that with some reservations.

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