IGN: Batman: Arkham City - The Riddler's Return

The Riddler, the Dark Knight's foe who never showed his face in Batman: Arkham Asylum, is upping his game this fall. His previous tactic of verbally assaulting Batman didn't come to much good in Arkham Asylum and like any worthy criminal, Riddler knows he has to escalate matters. He's raising the stakes in Arkham City and posing a physical threat not only to Batman, but to innocent civilians.

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redDevil872531d ago

It's so much more open compared to AA. The gliding ability really makes you feel like batman.

Giru0172531d ago

Wow, it looks stunning! Can't wait for this to be released on PC and see what it can do with PhysX

lochdoun2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Sounds awesome.

LiquifiedArt2531d ago

Looks great. Not sure about "Jaw Dropping" lol. (low standards), but it does look great and i will be buying it.

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