Where next for Assassin's Creed?

James Bowden for points out the potential pitfalls for the next iteration of Ubisoft's stealth-and-stab 'em up, ponders in which direction the series should go next and asks for your views on the future of the franchise...

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LoaMcLoa2534d ago

How about leave it be and start a new IP?

Three games is enough.

Spinal2534d ago

I vote Nigeria xD

The town called Lagos.

NukaCola2534d ago

I personally do not care. French Revolution, Spanish Armada, Revolutionary War, whatever time period isn't what i hope for. I hope I get at least 30% of the game outside the Animus. I am really intrigued to learn what this series is about. The history stuff is great, but I am ready for a big reveal in what Desmond has in all this.

BigBoss072534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I say they either go with French Revolution, Revolutionary war, or my personal favorite, Edo Period Japan. Samurai are Templars and ninjas are assassins. Would be awesome to use weapons like kunai,shurikens, and use martial arts for melee combat in the game. Winning formula in my book lol. :)


Hmmm...Edo period Japan would be awesome! However don't you feel that ninjas/feudal Japan has been a bit over-done in games? I think one of the things that makes the AC series unique is in how they give us settings that a good many of us would initially baulk at and think of as silly and/or tedious or counterintuitive to set a game in, then proceed to smear egg all over our complacent gamer faces :).

I want Assassin's Creed 3 to break with the tradition of just being set in one time period. I would prefer that it has the expected multiple historical cities as in previous AC games, but that in AC3 each of the cities are in different countries at different, relevant points in their history, following more than one ancestor if necessary.

This is what my ideal Assassin's Creed 3 would be:

1st City: Revolutionary Paris (1789-1799). Lots of intrigue and plot excitement because of what was going on politically and out on the streets. Sadly the Eiffel Tower is not built during this time period. However...

2nd City: London, 1888. Now you play as a different assassin ancestor. Maybe the French Revolution period's great great grandchild investigating their ancestor's past and picking up the same plot/conspiracy a century later. As it is in London we will have the chance to clamber over Gothic architecture to our heart's content including the Houses of Parliament/Big Ben and also explore London's antiquated sewer systems. Also there were the beginnings of the London Underground at this time also! A potential mission could be to trail and kill Jack the Ripper etc.

3rd City: Paris 1889. The same assassin from this period could take a ship to Paris of 1889 and climb the newly-finished Eiffel Tower! Fans could have a fun time re-exploring Paris and seeing what has changed over the last 100 years and visit the home of their French ancestor to uncover clues/plot.

4th City: New York circa 1900. The same assassin leaves Europe to the city we have seen in films such as Gangs of New York. Lots of ethnic and immigrant populations shoved into small districts and at each other's throats. The start of the age of the Sky Scraper (The Park Row building, at 30 floors high and completed in 1899 was the tallest building in the world at the time.) and it segues the series nicely into Desmond's story in New York 2012 (or wherever he is next!).

There could be 1 'Countryside' section for each historical city, maybe even historical versions of Dover, Calais, the English Channel - maybe even several missions set on a huge passenger liner out at sea on the voyage to New York?

I would have included 1917 Moscow but the canon graphic novels have pre-empted this!