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gamrReview's Chris M. Arnone takes a hard look at the new "emotional" shooter from Kaos Studios and THQ. "A brilliant experience cut painfully short."

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swirldude2563d ago

It's turned out to be better than I expected! If only it had more content.

BeardedGamerShow2563d ago

A 4-hour single player campaign, only two real multiplayer modes, and no split-screen = fail.

plb2563d ago

I'll wait for a Steam sale.

ceedubya92563d ago

Nobody likes a short single player game, but can giving the game a value score of 5 be a little unforgiving? The game does have a multiplayer mode, and although it doesn't have a lot of modes, I'd think a 7 or 8 for value would be about right. Either way, mid 7s to 8s seems about right for this game, with the occasional 9s thrown in here or there. Seems like a quality game to get into until higher profile games come out.

BeardedGamerShow2563d ago

Every FPS game has multiplayer, the value score has to be compared to other AAA FPS games. Call of Duty and Battlefield have a lot more game types than Homefront.

Ducky2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

How many game modes did Battlefield have again?
Distinct game-modes, instead of copies that just limit the number of players.

bmw692563d ago

Good then, but not the "next big thing in FPS" as we've all been promised...

sam22362563d ago

You're confusing Homefront with Killzone 3 and Black Ops.

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