GAME cancels all MotorStorm pre-orders

Eurogamer: "All online pre-orders of MotorStorm Apocalypse on GAME and Gamestation have been cancelled as the shop "rapidly" adjusts to Sony's last minute delay, Eurogamer can reveal."

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guigsy2507d ago

Don't really see the need to cancel everyone's pre-order. Just tell everyone that the game has been delayed indefinitely due to recent events.

resistance1002507d ago

You really didn't read the article did you....

guigsy2506d ago

Yes I did - they started taking people's money this morning but then interrupted the process, causing their orders to be cancelled. Don't know why they couldn't have just retained their orders like HMV have done - maybe you didn't read that bit.

BubbleSniper2506d ago

yes he read. mainly delayed because of what happen in Japan... those people need help.

on topic SONY and EVOLUTION STUDIO doin the right thing by delay because perhaps they gonna redo this so that it wont offend anyone.

very coincidental how this game have Tsunami and one happen IRL... i wont say any more cuz everything in article REEK of sensitive issue.

Vherostar2506d ago

The thing is a few non big retailers already have games on hand to sell. This means 1 thing... Ebays gonna go mental at weekend and sellers are gonna charge silly amounts for the game for those who want it early. The same thing happened when LBP was delayed they were selling the game on Ebay for over £60!

dead_eye2507d ago

just send the pre-orders out. but I have it pre-ordered so I would say that.

TheMrMadzen2507d ago

This stupid delay will never get me hahaha:P

Corrwin2507d ago

I can understand why they did this. But I think making a fuss about it could be seen to be exploiting the situation, rather than just release it as planned.

They'll be crucified by the mainstream media, either way.

Chucky20032507d ago

no they won't but it will affect the sales

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