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New Game Network: "Many players will recall Dragon Age: Origins with fond memories. It was a staple of the RPG genre for BioWare, and though it had some issues, most players were able to get behind the classic formula. Combined with a good story and characters, it was a great start to the franchise. Arriving less than two years after the original, Dragon Age 2 (DA2) is actually best described as a revamp of the franchise. Questions must be asked, of course, why the developers would spend so little time on the sequel, as well as decide to reboot the franchise on just the second title. There are similarities in DA2, and they are unsurprisingly among the best parts of this sequel. Had it been a spinoff title, this RPG would have likely found a solid place among action RPG fans, on consoles in particular. As it stands though, you can’t help but compare this to Origins and see just how much was lost in translation."

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