Sony Confirm Motorstorm Apocalypse Will Be Delayed In Ireland Also

"Following news of the game delay in the UK, Sony have confirmed that Motorstorm Apocalypse will also be delayed in the Rep. of Ireland in the wake of the Japanese Earthquake"

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media732566d ago

What has a hurricane in game got to do with a tsunami

guitarded772566d ago

Nothing, but Sony is well aware that news agencies are retarded and that should the game come out right after this disaster, those retarded news agencies will make some lame ass story about how Sony (a Japanese company) is insensitive to the disaster in their own country by releasing such a game with visual scenes of destruction.

Sony is also aware that we gamers will forgive a delay and continue to purchase their products, and that it is safer to deal with the wrath of the gamers than some lame ass negative press that can hurt the company as a whole. The sad part is those games are already packaged and cased... just waiting to be played.

Also: I'm surprised some news agency hasn't brought up the mini game in the Villain's Lair in Playstation Home. In that game you can cause tsunamis and wipe out villages. Seems like the tards in the press would be all over that if they wanted to push Sony under the bus.

NukaCola2566d ago

This is just good integrity for a sensitive subject that the media will blow out of proportion. I remember when the Twister Ride at Universal was being built. There was a big tornado that destroyed a bunch of towns maybe a week before, so they delayed the ride out of respect to the families. I can repect that. On top of it, it's not like there isn't other games to play.

TheMrMadzen2566d ago

What a great way to ruin a release....

SwilloTGL2566d ago

I wonder how long it will be before the game gets an actual release then?

Shazz2566d ago

i think sony were right in doing a delay but i was thinking a week or 2 weeks tops but its sounding like it will be months which will ruin sales in a big way coz people will still be thinking its out friday .

kenpachi2566d ago

dammit i'll have to try and find Yakuza 4 in this crap hole country

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