Brink Trailer + UK Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

A brand new trailer for Brink was released today, showcasing the objective-based teamplay that the game will offer. It has also been announced that there will be a number of pre-order bonuses available for Brink in the UK offered exclusively through yet-to-be-revealed retailers.

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Ducky2533d ago

Definitely pumped for this.
TeamFortress can only satiate my EnemyTerritory-craving for so long.

dangert122533d ago

this looks like a missed opertunity =/

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zeal0us2533d ago

Finally a fps thats not trying to follow in the set as COD. It won't beat COD, but it would bring something new to he FPS genre.

Hopefully Splash Damage/Valve/Bethesda can get the job done