PAX East 2011: First Impressions of The First Templar and War in the North

There were a lot of good games at PAX East this year. Some game like The Old Republic and LA Noire might even be epic. There were some games though that were just OK. Two of the decent games I saw were The War in the North and The First Templar.e

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eccothedolphin72683d ago

I'll probably wind up playing both of these games, even though they are not the best games coming out this year. I love knights and the middle ages, and I love Lord of the Rings. They'll probably be what I pick up in the fall when everyone else is playing another crappy call of duty game or something.

AmigoSniped2683d ago

I am looking forward to playing War in the north cause I love the lotr series

JATOSIN2683d ago

Templar was ok needed more story, If the retail version fleshes the story out might be worth a look.

LotR will do good just because of the fan base of the story.

maxcavsm2683d ago

Templar was terrible. It'll be lucky to get a 60 metacritic.

eccothedolphin72682d ago

PC will get a 75 on metacritic, Xbox will get a 60. That's my bet for this game.