PAX East 2011: Hands on with Hunted: The Demon

Hey look – another RPG from Bethesda! It’ll be just like Oblivion and Fallout 3, right? Wrong. Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is a very different, action packed co-op game that just might rock your world.

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eccothedolphin72593d ago

Looks like it will be a fun co-op game! I call dibs on playing the elf.

AmigoSniped2593d ago

This game was a lot of fun at PAX looking forward to it

JATOSIN2593d ago

Lot better than I thought it would

maxcavsm2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

I'm not too sure about this one. And this isn't an RPG, it's a 3rd person action hack and slash.

eccothedolphin72592d ago

Dude, it's an RPG. You kill things, find loot, level up, and you play as an elf. What more do you want?

rayzorn2592d ago

To me thats an action game with rpg elements. A true rpg to me is interacting with people and towns, having quests, changing events and having a say so in whats going on in the world. Not just starting from point a and going to point b killing things.

But I also dont believe dark souls is an rpg either its also an action game with rpg elements. I know alot of people disagree with me. To each there own. I say.

I am interested to see this game when its done though.

just my 2 cents take it or leave it

rayzorn2593d ago

Yeah im finding it hard to believe this is an rpg either. This is the only person I have ever heard mentioning this as an rpg. Everything I have ever read on it makes it sound like its a 3rd person shooter or hack and slash depending on who you play as.

ON another note i have never heard of inXile Entertainment but i might have to start looking into them for other games. Cause I was a huge fan of all 3 of them games it mentioned.

Man I played wasteland like 10gazzillion times on the commador 64. the only thing I hated about that game was the disks they stored it on, they used to get corrupted all the time. i bought that game and coppied it so many times. not that it was thier fault that was the 5 1/4 floppy disk they sucked.