GAMER-0: Dead Space 2 Review

T-Hill writes: I know I took longer to drop this review but I really wanted to be accurate on how I felt the game measured up to the previous title.

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Venomousfatman2413d ago

Good review. One of these days I'm gonna have to check out Dead Space.

Hitman07692413d ago

Nice review, to be honest this is better than I expected from Dead Space. Great looking game just isn't jumping out at me with uniqueness.

ElGoosey2413d ago

I liked the first a bit more than the second for some reason?

HungPHATx2413d ago

Awesome review ! You guys should play Severed , the DLC expansion


Thanks bro I'm glad you liked it. I too thought the first was a little better.

9thGenHero2412d ago

damn, is it bad that i haven't played mine yet? LOL

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