Mortal Kombat Demo Now Available on PlayStation Network

The new Mortal Kombat demo is now available on PlayStation Network. The action-packed demo puts the fight into the hands of the gamers and offers them the chance to master iconic warriors Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena and Johnny Cage in two of the games most renowned arenas - the Living Forest and the Pit. The demo features the arcade ladder for one or two players.

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Sneak-Out2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

What for a Store? Uk and US is only for PlayStation Plus User at this Moment

koehler832562d ago

It may have been released on the US store for public consumption. It's already on the store, so it doesn't need to wait for the update later today.

It's just a guess though.

In any event, go try it. It's really fun.

axerated2562d ago

eu store still just plus, hopefully soon, im itching

Ares842562d ago

I got it last week because of PSplus. It's an amazing fighter!! I suggest everyone give it a shot.

GiggMan2562d ago

Agreed, and if you get a chance to try it out in 3D you need to try it. I found it interesting that for some reason someone who isn't wearing the 3D glasses can see the game just fine. I guess it has something to do with the 2D sprites.

Nevertheless, demo is great and does a good job in making you want to purchase the game.

hay2562d ago

It's 'cause game's depth is relative to the fighting plane.

Ares842562d ago

I actually played it in 3D. I got an LX900 Bravia. Best TV I ever had in my life. It's a bit pricey but for me at least, well worth it.

nix2562d ago

nice.. been waiting to dl this game.

Kingdom Come2562d ago

I want to play as Goro Damn it! After seeing this gameplay:
I was reassured that his Awesomeness has been maintained, bring on April 19th!

Rynx2562d ago

wow how did that slip under some websites radar, this is my first time seeing that clip!

Kingdom Come2562d ago

Ha! I just stumbled across it on YouTube, there's a whole bunch of them...

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The story is too old to be commented.