Xbox 720 – What We Know So Far

theGamerBuzz writes, "Rumors started picking up pace about Microsoft making an imminent announcement regarding the development and release of a new console, widely nicknamed the Xbox 720, when the company began advertising for several key hardware development positions on their own website back in February."

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smoothdude2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Wow this article says that it won't be released until 2015? I think we will see a new Xbox sooner than that.

Istanbull2655d ago

I hope 2014, this gen is only half way trough and there are still dozens of games coming out.

inveni02655d ago

I think the 360 is ready for a new console, but I don't think Microsoft will push new hardware until Kinect sales/interest starts to wane. But they'll definitely try to beat Sony to the punch again. Now that more games are using DX11, if MS releases a DX11 compatible console, they'll really attract a lot of sales.

Kingdom Come2656d ago

I'm not so certain, Microsoft have continuously proclaimed that Kinect will add a good few years to the console. I'm in no rush for the next generation, I games like Gears of War 3 and Uncharted are proving that more can be squeezed from the current generation...

ProjectVulcan2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Claiming kinect can add years to the life of the console probably isn't quite the same thing as saying there will be no next generation sooner rather than later.

Kinect is definitely one of those peripherals that will end up working with and being compatible with a next generation machine.

Microsoft could very easily launch a new machine and new generation kinect games using the current kinect design as well as still support it for 360. It seems it is already limited by the USB bandwidth offered by 360, a problem easily solved with a new machine that would enable the full potential of it.

JsonHenry2656d ago

"What We Know So Far" - Nothing it would seem from reading that article.

Philoctetes2656d ago

We already saw the new Xbox. It's called Kinect.

Chubear2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Gad, people are so blind to obvious marketing tactics it's so unbelievable.

Philoc is right. Kinect IS supposed to be the new xbox. It was a very cheap way of bringing out a new "console". They essentially redesigned and marketed it as such and why it is that you'll see far more Kinect exclusives this year and next over exclusives for the 360 cause, to them, that's the older box just like going from NES to SNES or PS1 to PS2, the new box gets more content than the older box for those respective years.

COME ON! They don't have nearly enough studios and even far less experience and seasoned ones, to bring out a new Xbox. COME ON, isn't that clearly obvious by now?

Look, MS IS NOT bringing out an Xbox if Kinect doesn't move tonnes of units and if they do they will not compete head to head with Sony any more.

They'll set their sights on Nintendo, like they did Sony this gen, and try and muscle them out to get their 80mill+ casual fanbase. MS is solely in it for the money and not the art of the industry or the culture of it. They simply want to monopolize the industry anyhow they can and all they care about is having the most units sold.

They looked at Sony last gen w/ the most units sold and targeted them and their base. IF they bring out an xbox after Kinect they will go after the new guy with the most units sold for next gen to - Nintendo.

I've told you this so many times and it's so obvious. Halo series will be on the Playstation at some point in time - book it! MS's money maker is not going to sell on wii like machine. MS game studios will develop games for the Playstation at some point.

Laugh all you want but when it happens, I will re-post all the comments I've made on this prediction on many forums just to remind you all.

newhumanbreed2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )


Kinect has outstanding sales. It's business. What kind of huge corporation goes into business with a passion for anything other than money. Halo will never be on PS3 because it's owned by Microsoft, same reason you'll never see Uncharted on 360, because it's owned by Sony. That's just stupid saying MS game studios will develop for Playstation. Let me guess, Toyota engineers will start making concept cars for Ford.

Persistantthug2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

What we do know, is that it can't launch any sooner than that's probably Holiday 2013 or later.

It takes years to build a console, and in Microsoft's case, they need PLENTY of time to test their machines or risk another RROD fiasco, and I'm sure they've learned that hard lesson.

So, if they haven't really started on building this machine yet (and we don't know that for sure), then we are looking at 2014 and later.

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Led-Zeppelin2656d ago

"What we know so far" Technically and evidently speaking we dont know crap about MS next system.

Stealth20k2656d ago

nothing is known so far. hell we have no idea whats going on

fullmetal2972656d ago

What they know so far.... Nothing

anthem2656d ago

Truth be told when we see these next gen systems you will Jizz your pants

Kingdom Come2656d ago

You've seen them...?! o_O

anthem2656d ago

No but are you saying that when those machines surface they will be less than awesome///?o_0

nycredude2656d ago

more than likely they won't be more powerful than high end pcs now so unless you don't have a powerful pc you won't be blown away.

Perjoss2656d ago

console owners might jizz but a PC gamer will just say something like "aw, that's cute".

always a few steps ahead.

jidery2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

There was a time when PS3 first launched that it far surpassed anything the PC had to offer.

5 years ago, a processor with 6 cores (Technically not cores, but you get the idea) at 3.2ghz at the consumer level was unheard of. XDR at the consumer level was unheard of (And mostly still is). The GPU was at par with what PC's offered at the time.

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