GPT Comic Corner: Mortal Kombat Australian Edition

I've always been a Mortal Kombat fan. Even when masses of other games like Street Fighter and Killer Instinct were competing. I love those too, but MK always had that special place in my black, violent heart

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charlescox42504d ago

A company watering down and/or bowing to a region? Never. Unless that country is Nintendo and they want green blood. MK helped Genesis beat SNES.

vgn242504d ago

You are aware the final tally for console and software sales put the SNES ahead of the Genesis right? Now BOT - You can't fault a company for making concessions that are required to get a game released in a certain area.

Movies do it all the time. Just like the "AO" rating, movies face the dreaded "NC-17" rating (in the US).

It's business.

Blad3star2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

They should give the Aussies the MK vs DC version and replace the the blood with orange juice and the fatalities with frendship.

distorted_reality2504d ago

You've obviously never heard of Fallout 3.

GunShotEddy2504d ago

as long as t has quality gameplay. I don't need cheeay or gory and bloody fatalities because I'm not 12.

ian722504d ago

Having gore, blood, fatality's etc is Mortal Kombat. I hate censoring. If people (old enough) want to see death, broken bones, blood, etc, it should be their choice. If you don't like it then don't play it.
(Mature/18), censored games shouldn't be dumbed down, no-ones forcing anyone to buy and play the game.
I'm glad I live in UK, where we get the original version. I feel for you people who are in these censored countries.

vgchica2504d ago

They should offer two versions. One, like you said, to adults and uncensored. And another to those who want the game, but aren't old enough to see the "gore".

Nolando2504d ago

or have an option to turn the gore down or off. i dont see how that would be so hard to put in a game. Gears of war did it, ou turned gore off and when you chainsawed someone sparks flew out instead of blood. I dont see why developers of ultra violent games cant put a feature like that in for the sqeamish (me a lil bit lol) or the people who arent totally into seeing blood and guts squirt everywhere

distorted_reality2504d ago

Wouldn't help though, as the uncensored version wouldn't get released in countries where this is a problem, so it's pretty much pointless.

Nizzy792504d ago

idea, let's get rid of violent video games BUT keep violent movies... this will show em!