Kinectimals Gets Elmo'd by Double Fine

Game People write "Gameplay is not a million miles away from Kinectimals, but with humour firmly replacing the earnest overtones. You control different Sesame Street characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird, steering, jumping and climbing your way through the world. Dance sections tasks players with following on screen actions performed by Grover."

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Infernostew2685d ago

What a big waste of talent.

gamingdroid2685d ago

What's wrong with people making a quality title for children?

I thought this sounded really interesting for children that normally won't have that amount of interaction with what they see on TV.

Because it is not for you (or me), doesn't mean people are wasting talent. I remember when video games weren't taken seriously, and people considered games a nerd's past time. Labeling and generalizing smells of immaturity.

Infernostew2685d ago

I'm talking about the dev here. I don't care that someone made a count by numbers, tickle me elmo game. I love Double FIne's games and I feel that they're wasting their time make games like these. That's fine that little junior wants to play kinectame street and all but I feel that DF could do a lot better and something more creative, like most of their current titles on the market. Also, if I did have kids, I wouldn't let them play this junk.. I'd give them Super Mario Bros to start out, just like I did.

karl2685d ago

omg.. another 360 exclusive... what a year for MS.WOOOHOOO