Shadows of the Damned and Duke Nukem Forever certified 18

The BBFC in the UK has given the thumbs up to Shadow of the Damned and Duke Nukem Forever as each game gets a shiny red 18 certificate sticker.

The former has "very strong bloody gore" and very bad swears, while the latter has "strong violence, sex, nudity" and some naughty words too, and drugs.

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CaptainGreece2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I'm getting both :)

Quagmire2685d ago

What does this mean for Aussie gamers?

Aussiegamer2685d ago

I was about to ask the same thing....

Not another Mortal Kombat I hope.

Quagmire2685d ago

I'm surprised GOW3 wasnt banned, yet MK is.

Wtf? Where's the logic in that?

Bear_Grylls2685d ago

I for one am mad as hell...

KingPin2685d ago

OH HELL YEAH!!! hardcore hardcore - will be getting both!

Errod882685d ago

does that equal a banned in Australia please say no.