SPOnG: Nintendo's Iwata Talks Mario Galaxy And Miyamoto

Nintendo in Japan has posted a discussion between Nintendo's president and CEO, Satoru Iwata, Super Mario Galaxy producer, Takao Shimizu, and director, Yoshiaki Koizumi. In the event that you don't speak or read Japanese, SPOnG has the entire interview translated.

In it you'll read about how Miyamoto ('The Great Man')came up with the idea of a spherical play-area five years ago; how the SMG team had disagreements with the TGM, and how fields are sold, and how cooking metaphors can go totally uncontrolled.

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ChickeyCantor4060d ago

""One way or another, I want to make a game in this style."
ya say no this shigi and you will get b/tchlapped.

" Miyamoto said, "It looks tasty!" But most staff members were of the opinion that we couldn't make a great meal."

one man can be creative and give his opinion, but when more people disagree, you would think he would go allong, he just ignores them XD

purin4060d ago

it's a great look inside the nintendo machine
miyamoto has more power than i thought ^_^;