Zumba Fitness sales over 1 million milestone

123Kinect said:"Majesco just tweeted that that their Zumba Fitness game sold over 1 million copies in less than 4 monhts. Ever since they have been listening to customers, things have been going pretty good for them. Well done guys, well done! Earlier we already reported this game being a great hit on consoles, now it seems as there’s nothing stopping them from making a part two or release some more DLC."

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mcstorm2807d ago

Wow ot only kinect is a sucess alot of it software is selling very well. Lets hope the core games MS have shown us so far are up to scrach n sell well.

jukins2807d ago

i hope you dont think this is only for kinect. this game is also available on wii and ps3. and given how popular the zumba fad has become 1mill sold across 3 platforms for the hot right now exercise craze color me unimpressed

Raven_Nomad2807d ago

Nice, another Million seller. I know a few people with this game, while it's not for me, I definitely see the appeal.

SwiftShot2807d ago

congrtas! WTF u want a cookie!

HIV-2806d ago

A million? wow... People are so desperate to find a way to lose weight, they buy anything that has the word "fit" in it: wii fit, zumba fitness, etc, etc.....

No matter how hard you shake your ass in front of tv, you are not gonna lose any weight by eating mcdonalds, kfc, hungry jacks(Burger King), pizza+ Coke, pepsi.

Solution: Watch your intake first. Scondly, exercise(e.g. gym or power walking). Thirdly, watch your intake again.