Dylan Jobe Teases Again – Starhawk?

More mysterious tweets from the man himself.

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nix2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

bring it out already...

i loved warhawk. i played for 6 months straight. the game is indeed a tough nut for a new ones though. i remember getting killed from left right and centre. those moments were like being in a twilight zone. lol. later i did learn to take a stand behind the anti-aircraft missiles. great game. and super fast too.

Kain812599d ago

we get teased all the time, show it already please...

Abash2599d ago

Im like a huge Warhawk fan so Im dieing to hear this game get announced already. Im tired of the vague teases :/

Hyperguy202599d ago

for fuck sake, this is just getting old. JUST SHOW THE GAME!

koehler832599d ago

The man can tweet whatever the fuck he wants. Maybe shit blogs can stop lapping them up for any worthless scoop they can get their hands on.

We all have access to Dylan Jobe's Twitter feed. We don't need it regurgitated.

Orange2599d ago

The tweet could very well be about telling his wife he doesn't want to spend his vacation with his mother-in-law.

digoutyoursoul82599d ago

getting bored of jobes tweets, just show the fucking game or stop teasing all the time

Kingdom Come2599d ago

Do it. Show us the game. I'm all for Developers focusing onthe game and delaying an announcement to allow development to be the priority over advertisement, Bethesda did a fantastic job with Elder Scrolls V, they've spent years Developing without even mentioning the game or teasing an announcement, just being hard at work developing. But continuously teasing a game for so long? Ever announce it or prolong the announcement to focus all your attention on development, don't waste time teasing...

OllieBoy2599d ago


Show the damn game already. Nobody gives a shit about twitter.

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The story is too old to be commented.