Valve: We'd be nothing without id

Valve boss Gabe Newell has paid tribute to the role John Carmack and id Software played in getting Valve off the ground.

Newell secured a licence to the Quake Engine in late 1996, through his friend at id, Michael Abrash. But as he revealed on SteamCast Ep.48, Valve's debt to id goes much deeper than that.

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toaster2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

I don't think the gaming industry would be where it is without id's contribution and to an extent, Valve. id pioneered FPS and Valve refined it, impacting other genres as well in terms of game design.

Ju2680d ago

That goes way deeper. There would be no OpenGL as we know it without John Carmack - at least not usable for games. Without that, we'd be pretty limited to MS platform(s).

meetajhu2680d ago

John Carmack king of game engines,technology and computer hardware

mightyboot2680d ago

I think every FPS game dev from the 90´s would say the same thing.

Syaz12680d ago

and i believe pc gaming would be nothing without valve. thanks for making pc gaming even more awesome!

maniactadpole2680d ago

Thank you Id for creating the fps genre and thank you Valve for making Half Life :')

wallis2680d ago

This is nice to see as opposed to the childish mud slinging you see between companies like EA and activision. CRYTEK, dice, 3d realms, and epic are just some of the few who've been found slagging off their competitors and it's nothing short of embarrassing.

Kleptic2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Epic I would say is the most guilty of arrogance in the industry when it comes to stuff like this...

Epic's PR tells the industry that they pioneered everything for the most part...sadly though, they have done the best job of any developer when licensing middleware...especially recently with UE3...sad though, as UE3 could quietly die and I don't think anyone would miss it all that much...

they were the first major PC'centric studio to get into consoles though...and that move has clearly paid off...

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