Diehard GameFAN: Radiant Historia Review (NDS)

DHGF: Radiant Historia starts off in a familiar fashion: you take control of Stocke, a member of the Special Intelligence division of the Alistel armed forces, who is generally the prize employee of the force. Alistel is at war with the nation of Granorg, one that Alistel is not winning as the game begins, and it falls to Stocke to acquire some information that will help turn the tide of battle, along with two newly assigned subordinates, Raynie and Marco. The mission pretty much falls apart in record time, unfortunately, and Stocke is heavily wounded and nearly dead, when the story suddenly takes a right turn into the bizarre. He is saved by the White Chronicle, a book full of blank pages given to him by his commanding officer, and brought to Historia, a world beyond time.

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