DAII: What Happened To All The Dragons?

360 Magazine: Dragon Age II's Dragons are all burned out

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Blad3star2563d ago

I was asking my self the same thing.

When I bought DAO i was expecting to see. own and fight a sh!t load of Dragons.

Should call the game Armor and Majic Age instead.

Iroquois_Pliskin2563d ago

wth i thought the name ´´Dragon Age´´ was supposed to represent the age of resurrection of the dragons. No dragons...

Focker4202563d ago

Ya I've nearly finished Dragon Age 2 and I've only fought one real dragon. The rest were just teens and babies. Pretty stupid name for having almost no dragons.

Misterhbk2563d ago

Article contradicts itself. I have yet to play Dragon Age II so too much about the game myself, but the article hints that dragons should be rare creatures with only a few of them in the game.

Then complains that the small dragons you run into aren't real dragons, and that there's only one or two REAL dragons to fight in the game. isn't that what you wanted?

Focker4202562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Through the entire game I've only had 2 encounters with dragons. You fight a bunch of tiny ones, and then theres a big one. These encounters were only 5-10 minutes and thats it. The story has nothing to do with dragons, and frankly only 2 encounters for a game called DRAGON AGE (MEANING - AGE OF DRAGONS) is pretty stupid. The game is good but it has nothing to do with dragons.

Oh and the tiny dragons are pathetic, they dont fly, they don't breathe fire, they just run around biting you, and they die with one or two wacks. For all intensive purposes I would not call them dragons.

Reefskye2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Well if you read the lore in DA2 from the few books you find lying around they will tell you why its called Dragon Age. They named it the Dragon age because just as the Age was changing a solo dragon came back an caused a load of destruction so the scholars called it the Dragon Age. Not for the fact dragons might be returning but because they saw the dragon as a sign of an age of change and destruction.

Too_many_games2562d ago

Great explanation, i wish people would learn to read and comprehend things.


perhaps Grey Wardens killed most of them,perhaps the dragons left this mundane pit and joined the elves in that mysterious land,perhaps the Age of Dragons is a carefully constructed lie,a means to explain an otherwise unremarkable world that uses dragon fear mongering as a means to explain the seemingly unexplained mediocrities contained within..
who can truly know

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