Valve: 'It would be fun to remake Half-Life 1'

CVG: Valve boss Gabe Newell has teased that it would be "fun" to remake Half-Life 1 in HD.

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Drekken2658d ago

Keep milking it Valve. You guys are due for something new and exciting... Portal 2 can only take you so far.

Kran2658d ago

As much fun as Half-Life 1 is, it would be great for a HD port. But it's up to Valve. If they did though, it'd bring more attention to the Half-Life franchise :)

DelbertGrady2658d ago

It would be even more "fun" if they could give us Episode 3.

Blad3star2658d ago

Ep 3 is Gabe's way of trolling us.

I can see gabe now laughing his a$$ off ever time some one ask for EP 3

Xilef2658d ago

Bubbles for that video it was fu**king priceless

Hanuman2658d ago

True! Finish the Half life 2 Episodes and then we"ll talk!!!

chak_2658d ago

leave it to black mesa source and work on HL3 already !

PLASTICA-MAN2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

are in competition: which one will release his Half-Life the last and which one will have "the best" (meaning the worst :p) Valve Time ! :D !


Raven_Nomad2658d ago

No thanks, I was never a fan of any of the Half Life games, I know a lot of people love Valve, maybe mostly on P.C. but honestly I've only ever liked Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and Team Fortress on the Xbox 360...

Some of those other games like Half Life and Portal are just awful IMHO. To each their own though, also...Companies need to stop doing the remake thing, quit milking and make new IP's or true sequels to good games. Remakes are just taking up resources.

Calm Down Sunshine2658d ago

There is no hope for this one, we must leave him.

toaster2658d ago

You've either got to be a fanboy or just very ignorant to not realize how significant Half Life 2 is..

Raven_Nomad2658d ago

How is not liking Half Life being a Fanboy? Not sure I understand that logic, I had fun with Team Fortress, never said it was "Amazing" or a top flight game.

I don't like Half Life and couldn't get into the game, I'm not the only one clearly. I'd go as far to say whatever the game did do for the genre is all in the past and the game has lost it's relevance.

I don't play P.C. games whatsoever, so if your P.C. gamers, I guess you'd be looking forward to something like that, but I absolutely hate playing games on a P.C.

strawberry92658d ago

You trolling? Or you just stupid? Half-life is the reason we have any game today. It's hard to say Half-life wasn't the most influential game in this industry. Half life 2 graphics are still better than most current-gen games (and half life 2 was made during the last generation). Don't be ignorant

Raven_Nomad2658d ago

Again, Trolling what exactly? It's not okay to not like a game these days?
I'm sure you wouldn't agree with every game I liked and surely that goes both ways, there are a ton of games I don't like that are ranked highly or thought of highly.

Seeing as how I was playing games since the 1980's and their was no Half Life then, I think it's safe to say we'd be fine without the game.

The more important game would be Doom IMHO. At least as far as FPS genre.

Hanuman2658d ago

Half life 2 graphics are nowhere near current gen games. You are the real fanboy here. At the time Half life was ground breaking but it's not the only game that changed gaming as a whole!

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