Battlefield 3 - New amazing screenshots

Eurogamer published some amazing screenshots from Battlefield 3.

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Mandaspt2414d ago

Best FPS for this year.

ps3bestever2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Fuck no, it will be Crysis 2 with 96/100 metascore

Sparticus_12414d ago

LOL..that demo is one of the worse demos Ive ever seen. Its like Halo and Just Cause 2 had a baby.

BeastlyRig2414d ago

What will be better and more innovating than this??

32 vs 32 & 32 vs 32 tank battles!!

trancefreak2414d ago

i love battlefield and my pc is locked and loaded waiting for it to be released.

moparful992413d ago

If the trailer is in game play then color me super impressed. The particle effects and extra little touches are incredible. The way the concussion of a bullet striking nearby affects your vision, the way the puffs of brick that fly up when bullets strike them. Sparks from bullets hitting metal, the excellent sound quality and effects, and just the high level of detail has me excited..

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diefor2414d ago

The Frostbyte 2 engine is so great.

Eternus2414d ago

I've seen all of these, but still looks amazing.

starchild2414d ago

Can't wait. *rubs greedy hands together* This will be mine. And all of yours', of course. :)

hiredhelp2414d ago

Dont keep teasting me with new shots. not fair i want this game.

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