Offscreen Resistance 3 brawler gameplay

gameplay of resistance 3 singleplayer live in the Playstation Lounge @SXSW in Austin Texas

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carter202652d ago

agreed check out for more videos from this event including socom 4 . uncharted 3 3d gameplay and more

RedPawn2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Side Note* in Battle Los Angeles, did anyone else see the Resistance 3 sign at the gas station scene, with the hover drone?

v7seven2652d ago

I couldn't see anything in that movie. The excessive camera shaking made it impossible to comprehend half of what was going on :P. Although I do recall that Resistance 3 was prematurely revealed by that very sign (somebody took a picture of the set).

RedPawn2652d ago

Gotcha, I have this habit of straying off, and paying attention to ambient & distant details, especially if I know the outcome of the centered sceneraio.

typikal822652d ago

I went to Austin from Houston to check this out on Friday, its freakin awesome. I got to play that demo and also they had a 8v8 MP match set up on 8 consoles there vs 8 testers from their Playstation QA (probably back in CA).

It was awesome bottom line, MP seems to be a bit more quirky/twitchy. Everything seems to move a lot faster. And the perks are awesome, for a 3 kill streak you could get an invisible cloak (looked very chameleon-Bioshockish), for a 5 Kills streak you could mutate into a large guy (Ravager or heavily armored huge human) and wield a freaking rocket launcher + huge health. Its a huge improvement over R2 graphically and gameplay wise.

In the final hour they said QA was taking it easy on us all day and they would ramp it up. They weren't kidding, earlier in my first few matches I went 15-0, 12-4, 12-0. In the final hour some guy from QA went 17-3! They were killing us, but we won the final round at like 8:55, lol. Jeff Ruebenstien and the other dudes were slightly impressed. I ended up 10-6 and some other guy was 10-5 on our team. We kicked some ass.

It was a ton of fun, plus free booze and food. Great event for fans. Also they had SI Swimsuit on TV in 3D.

SIX2652d ago

Awesome! Would live to hear some more. I heard that there was more controller lag when compared to the first two. I really hope not since I really like the twitch shooter controls that resistance brings. Also, are the graphics comparable to top tiered ps3 exclusives like uncharted and KZ?

typikal822652d ago

I didn't notice any controller lag or heavy feeling (like in KZ), only when you mutate into a bigger guy do you move slower, but even then you can still run.

Graphics are vastly improved, in SP if you performed a headshot their heads would explode much like in Gears of War. I THINK I remember limbs flying off but don't quote me on that. Its very close if not equal to Uncharted in graphics, hard to really tell since this game is so gritty. The explosions and smoke/debris from explosions looked great. It seems like the single player graphics are far more improved. MP graphics may be toned down in comparison, could just be me though.

In MP, You can upgrade your equipment and berserks mid game. I added a Bayonet to the Carbine and it was a one hit kill. Combined that with the 3 kill streak invisible cloak perk and I would just run up and shank people undetected.

It looked like each weapon had 3 upgrades to do. Also there was a doppleganger perk, where a hologram of you would run with your character and act as a diversion. There was another perk where you could plant a hologram of yourself. There were shield bubbles, health and ammo refill circles you could plant also.

SIX2652d ago

Wow! Thank you very much for your breakdown. This is the most comprehensive write up I've read so far. Lots of new details from your post that has me very excited. I'm in the minority that feels this is the premium shooter on the ps3. The perks sound awesome and very different. Thanks again.

telekineticmantis2652d ago

I love players can utilize the weapons so, the enemies aren't too overpowered.