Are Action Games Outdated?

NowGamer: "We recently had the opportunity to speak to the new Ninja Gaiden producer Yosuke Hayashi about his upcoming game and as you may have read he had some strong things to say about the current state of 3D action games..."

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Led-Zeppelin2595d ago

Thats like saying is rock music outdated. NO

ATiElite2595d ago

NO! just too many developers are to busy coping COD to make a proper action game.

Bring back the side scrolling shooters.

RyuCloudStrife2595d ago

thats my favorite genre after RPG

WildArmed2595d ago

Exactly! :D

Action games are not outdated, but that doesn't mean we don't like change.
Hey, if you wanna make something totally new -- go for it.

Just stop taking jabs at the genre trying to justify your outside of the box thinking.

Most of my fav. games this gen are either RPGs or Action games.

Bluemaster772595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Um no , just no one has ambitiously pursued the next advancement of the genre


Ninja Gaiden is outdated,not so sure about action games in general however.
Plenty of room to explore new ideas...or just pump out UC3,NG4,whatever dream we cling to.Talk about advancement in between,whatever works.

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