Destructoid: Homefront review

Destructoid: It’s a mere 16 years into our future. The nuclear-armed Greater Korean Republic has crumbled the infrastructure of the United States with a catastrophic EMP strike. The Koreans have brought the war to our doorstep, imprisoning our people and tearing down our once-great country.

This nightmarish “what if?” scenario is Kaos Studios’ version of a “plausible near-future world,” as depicted in Homefront. Buy into this vision of our country’s potential fate, and you’re looking at the setup for a gripping and emotional tale.

Unfortunately, a fascinating premise can only get you so far, and the pieces of Homefront’s puzzle don’t look quite so promising when they’re pushed into place.

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gorebago2683d ago

We're better off replaying the sp games in the orange box and the mp portion of bc2

DelbertGrady2683d ago

He seemed impressed with the multiplayer though, my main interest in this game. Good to hear. And also, nice to see reviewers who rate games subjectively without looking at IGN, Gamespot and other big name outlets.

Overall a very well-written and informative review.

Kran2683d ago

At least its not Jim. He would have given it a 1/10.

2683d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.