3D 'could become the norm,' says Sony UK boss

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire believes 3D viewing will eventually "become the norm" in UK homes.

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fredfenster2533d ago

These developments are good to see. It means technology will improve and will become available at lower prices. I'm in as soon as I can watch 3d without the glasses and at a price that's acceptable.

Kurylo3d2533d ago

yes and headaches / vision problems will become the norm too :)

hellzsupernova2533d ago

i dont really care for 3D with the glasses. i thinks it cool in the store just previewing it but iowuldnt want to live with it

crapfreakdad2533d ago

Was hoping 3D is a gimmick that won't last. Won't work for me as Ive only got sight in one eye, looks my gaming days may be numbered. :(

GiggMan2533d ago

There will always be gaming with a no 3D option. lol

ReBurn2533d ago

I know what you mean. People with vision issues that affect depth perception don't benefit from this technology. It's more common than people realize and it is one of the main roadblocks to 3D becoming mainstream. As long as the option to turn it off is there I'll be happy. Not because it is bad, but because I can't watch it for more than a few minutes.

GiggMan2533d ago

For those people who despise 3D gaming (or 3D anything for that matter) I would just like to say that it is an option. It's an option just like 7.1 surround sound. High Definition or SD. HDMI or component. They are all options.

I really don't see why some people get so bent out of shape about 3D (not in this thread though).

ShadesMoolah2533d ago

Fully agree with you there.

jim2wheels2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Because "becoming the norm" implies that it will replace 2d. Much like flat screen LCD TV's have become the norm.

Personally I dislike 3D. From making my eyes tired, the strange blur that you see off centre and the need to sit in a particular position.

Some people want it, but I doubt enough people do to make it "the norm".

GiggMan2533d ago

I seriously doubt it will ever become the norm...

claterz2533d ago

It's good to have it as an option but when it effects the game for 2d players it's not really fair. I mean killzone 3 looks great in 3D, but GG put so much time and effort into the 3D aspect which is probably why there was a short campaign and the graphics weren't much improved from KZ2. I really don't see how that is fair considering the majority of people played the game in 2D.

jim2wheels2533d ago

Hate to bust your bubble, but adding 3D is, according to studios bosses and the like, a fairly simple process.

Nicaragua2533d ago

The guys at GG who write campaign storylines, design levels etc arent the same guys who add the code that allows the game to run in 3D, so your theory about the 3D element subtracting from the rest of the game is bollocks.

Chaostar2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I don't understand all the hate 3D gets on this site. It's an option, why can't people let those that enjoy the immersive experience have their fun? It's not like 2D will just disappear and even in the ridiculous chance that all content becomes 3d only, the TVs have the option to easily convert it to 2D.

My biggest gripe with 3D is the content exclusivity rights with TV manufacturers. It's a terrible trend to set, I had to download Avatar in 3D because Panasonic payed for exclusive rights to the movie for like a year or so. The stupid thing is that I would have happily payed for it had I the option.

On a side note, Sony Pictures, please bring out Advent Children in 3D! It would be epic WINNING!

edit: Ah, GiggMan, you beat me to it.

GiggMan2533d ago

May have beat you to it but I agree with you 100%.

Now back to this Avatar in 3D thing....

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