Yakuza 4 On Sale for $39.99

Best Buy has the latest installment of the Yakuza series on sale for $39.99. Being that the game just came out today (3/15/11), you won’t find it anywhere else for cheaper.

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LOGICWINS2533d ago

WOW that the permanent price?

Raven_Nomad2533d ago

This game has been scoring really low, I can definitely see this one not doing much in the sales department, maybe this is a preemptive strike? Homefront is the only game I'm picking up today! HooRah

ThePsychoGamer2533d ago

That's not true
Nowgamer gave it a 7.9
PSM3 gave it a 9
EDGE gave it a 7
Eurogamer gave it an 8
GAMEStm gave it an 8.
Meristation gave it a 8
Famitsu gave it a 38/40
GameOver gave it a 6
Gaurdian gave it an A
The Offical Playstation Magazine gave it a 7
and IGN gave it a 6.5

None of those scores look "really low" to me.

Raven_Nomad2533d ago

The official Playstation Magazine gave it a 7 and IGN gave it a 6.5, no offense but those are quite low, also Gamover gave it a 6? Your not helping your cause here.

ThePsychoGamer2533d ago

7 isn't quite low, it's at worst average, and again, there are 7 high reviews out of 11 (with the 7.9 being the lowest score counted). cherry picking three lower reviews with all those good scores isn't helping your point

LOGICWINS2533d ago

Shame that these "average" scores will stop many from giving this game a chance. Yakuza 3 was a 9.6 IMO and I'm pretty sure Yakuza 4 will be better judging from the demo. The variety of heat moves in Y4 is crazy!

thriftynerd2533d ago

Yeah, those are not bad scores. I don't think Yakuza is necessarily for everyone, but if you think the genre is interesting, those scores tell me you will really like the game.

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InLaLaLand2533d ago

Get the game as a gamer. This is game has a lot of content which keeps you coming back for more. Although there is no mp, the single player can give you over 100 hours worth of content. Screw the reviews, buy it or rent it. If you enjoy it buy it, a great JRPG from Sega.

nycredude2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )


Ironic how you talk shit about Yakuza 4 scoring low and brag about picking up Homefront. Maybe you should check out the reviews for Homefront also.

ThePsychoGamer2533d ago

Well that's a pretty good deal, save 20 dollars on March's best game

Rob9462530d ago

Couldn't agree more :)

christheredhead2533d ago

thats insane. there is a best buy about 3 miles from me. im gonna have to go check it out. hopefully thats also the in store price and not just online. if thats true im gonna have to buy it.

ThatEnglishDude2533d ago

Just buy online and pick up at store.

christheredhead2533d ago

you make a valid point. i forgot that you can do site to store. didn't even cross my mind.

ThatEnglishDude2533d ago

I almost went ahead and purchased next day shipping (would have still been cheaper) but then saw that option and went ahead and paid for it as 'pick up in-store' at around 3AM. Got an email this morning saying it's ready for pick up!

OllieBoy2533d ago

Right after I pay $59.99 on Amazon. Shit!

That's what I get for paying full-price for games. Getting tired of this bullshit industry.

Solbadguy2533d ago

I think I'm going to start holding out on day one game purchases. Game price drop so fast these days that it not worth getting them on release. I will still be getting Yakuza 4 today but will be holding out on most games on release day in the future. I have such a huge backlog now and becoming less and less tempted new game releases.

thriftynerd2533d ago

There are so many pre-order credits and early sales, it really doesn't make sense to pay $60 for a game anymore.

thriftynerd2533d ago

If it hasn't shipped yet, you could cancel. Or if it has, Amazon is really good about returns.

GLoRyKnoT2533d ago

Then GTFO! & quit blaming others cuz u did it. & btw how high can u Ollie? lol

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