Batman: Arkham City can be finished in 8 hours

Batman: Arkham City's Marketing Manager Dax Ginn has told GamerZines that the game can be completed "in about 8 hours" if players stick "to the core narrative path", but that "exploring and trying new things adds a lot to the experience and the game time".

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gillri2683d ago

if you speed run most games these days can

NukaCola2683d ago

I finished Arkham Asylum on normal collecting every thing in about 14 hours.

Yi-Long2683d ago

... considering they said the game would be 5-6 times as big as the original.

antz11042683d ago

Which was a great 14 hours, I think it was around the same for me. Gamers play at different speeds and this holds no weight to me.



I love taking my time during games. Finding secret areas and such is always more fun than just rushing through a game any day.

bluegreenman2682d ago

honestly. look at a game like oblivion. I can finish that story in like 5 hours, but the game has 100s of hours of other content. Thats what he is saying here. The core narrative is 8 hours. I dont like super long games anymore. I would rather have a shorter more action packed experience, than a long drawn out boring one.

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WhiteNoise2683d ago


Yeah but the trouble with a lot of games these days is that they can be finished that fast with a normal gameplay.

It took me about 15hrs to finish batman AA and I didn't get all the secret riddler challenge things etc.

If I went as fast as possible I might have done it in 12...but 8???? that's just B.S.

I gues it comes down to standards. Console games are used

paintsville2683d ago

Man I'm pumped about this game. The first one was a masterpiece and ran smooth as butter, well at least the 360 version did. I can't wait.
I think that 8 hrs is a bit short especiall given how long we've waited for this sequel. But at least I can play it without a "Mandatory"

Rage_S902683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

wow had to try and have a jab at console gamers didn't you i don't get why your always so angry :S

kesvalk2683d ago

what is the problem with the time? if these 8 hours are great, i don't see a problem...

Iroquois_Pliskin2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )


it runs better on the ps3.

NukaCola2682d ago


Paintsville is troll and a worthless person. he says stuff like God of War III runs better on 360 and DVDs are better than Blurays. just ignore him and hopefully the mods will eventually ban him.

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coolfool2682d ago

You guys are nuts. He said his QA guys can do it in 8 hours. This doesn't mean that it was in first time play through. And how do you know that the world and collectables and side missions and challenges etc. etc. aren't 5-6 times as big when only the very straight line core narrative path can (not always) be done in eight hours? Factor in deaths and retries as well as all the above and I'm willing to bet that no one will do it in eight hours.

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Chaostar2683d ago

I don't know exactly but it took me a while to platinum Arkham Asylum. Took me almost as long as the main campaign to do those difficult challenge mode trophies! That reminds me I need to get some kind of protective rubber case for my DS3 before Arkham City comes out.

gorebago2683d ago

F'ck that - I understand that we're in a recession or coming out of one which usually brings inflation but it seems like developers are giving us half games at inflated cost which is complete bullshit

EpsilonTeam2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Recession my ass. I predict numerous DLC coming. That's the real reason.

Yi-Long2683d ago

... I'll just wait for the GOTY-edition to come out, like I always do in such cases.

gorebago2683d ago

Yeah that's probably the best option

Nodoze2683d ago

Agreed entirely. Following the trend of releases waiting is the best thing to do. Most games fall 20 dollars within a few months. Add to that the DLC releases and it makes up for the initial release.

Not to mention the bugs most developers work out right after the release.

Waiting is the best thing to do. Why do you think they try to encourage pre-orders as much as they do? They want sheeple to pay full ticket. The smart ones wait a couple of months and pick it up at a significant discount.

EpsilonTeam2683d ago

Yi-Long most of us just can't resist. Sigh!

NukaCola2682d ago

Well to be fair the first batman game had only 1 DLC pack and it was like $3. Every other one was free and the PS3 even got the Joker DLC free as well. Rocksteady didn't screw anyone. They did a phenomenal job.

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ExitToExisT2683d ago

damn if a dev says it takes 8 hours.. than its 4-5 hours mostly

Silentmerc3nary2683d ago

If you read the article, you would have noticed that that's just essentially a speed run, doing the core path. Collecting everything and emploring everything will be 20+.

ExitToExisT2683d ago

i did read the article and i won't be collecting collectibles for 12 hours. if there are side missions lets say they take 2 hours=10 hours still shorter than arkham asylum

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