Sony confirms UK Motorstorm delay

As was speculated yesterday, Sony has confirmed that following the delay to its release in Japan, Sony will also postpone the release of PS3 racer Motorstorm Apocalypse in the UK.

"Although we have shipped the game into the channel last week, given that we are able to do so, we have chosen to postpone the launch in the UK," an SCE UK spokesperson told MCV.

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Cloudberry2597d ago

Is it just for the UK or all Europe?

StartWars2597d ago

I was also wondering this, but articles so far seem to point specifically to the UK.

grailly2597d ago

I bought it today, in switzerland, so I guess it's only for the UK

vicheous2597d ago

Hm I live in Norway and my online store shipped Motorstorm and Homefront last week so i had both games on Saturday :D

Darkspade2597d ago

Dam this game is available on download sites

I want to play this one bad. Lol. But wont download
I want the online

WayneKerr2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Why the UK, Its not as if we dropped a atomic bomb on them or something.

MGRogue20172597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )


'cause I need to buy Crysis 2 & Shift 2: Unleashed.. can't buy all of these games in the same month.. too much moneyz

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