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EU PSN Store Update: 04/10/07

The European Playstation Network Store has been updated and is Live right now. The update includes:

Clive Barker's Jericho Demo
Stuntman: Ignition Demo
Bladestorm Demo
Skate Demo

Snakeball Trailer
GRAW 2 Trailers (Launch Trailer, Moves/Control/Aiming Trailers)
Haze Gameplay Trailer

Blast Factor Wallpapers (Red and Lab)
FlOw Wallpaper (Bladestorm, Blast Factor, Clive Barker's Jericho, flOw, Haze, PS3, SKATE, Snakeball, Stuntman: Ignition , Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2)

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UnblessedSoul  +   2860d ago
Ffs no PES Demo
jromao  +   2860d ago
We don't get the PES demo while it's on xbox marketplace for 2 weeks already.

Sony isn't doing right about PES, the guy responsable for PSN updates should explain this.
karan7  +   2860d ago
yehhhhh man fcuk i was waiting got up getting ready to go 2 school n i see this bullshit..............where is pes2008 demo wtf im mad??? why they not putting up the demo yet?
Rama26285  +   2860d ago
If I didn't have a US account, this update wouldn't be all that bad....

What is annoying though is that XBL have had the PES demo for a while now, but I don't want to play it on the Xbox, I want to play it on my PS3 - where it's meant to be played! :)
masterg  +   2860d ago
Bladestorm Demo is the only thing I haven't played yet on this update.
Damn me and my US account.
Shadow Flare  +   2860d ago
4 demo's is pretty good
Dunno why they put another snakeball trailer on there though, we already got one a few weeks ago
Strider1979  +   2860d ago
I want pixl junk racers!!! Ive had enough of the american demo!! and yeah where the hell is the PES demo?
Bazookajoe_83  +   2860d ago
Pretty good update
Unless you got a US account, but 4 demos is pretty good. But the only thing i will download is bladestorm, i would realy like a pes demo. But i guess it will come next week..
notpill  +   2860d ago
EU PSN Update still incomplete
no skate and ignition in italy (til now)
Dark_Overlord  +   2860d ago
Just wondering
what address did those who signed upto the US storefrom the UK give?

I used SCEA HQ :-D

edit @Wozzer damn right, what I reckon they should do is release the english version from the US to the EU store on the same day with a little disclaimer saying 'english only multi language next week', then the week after just update the store to the multi language version

and to those who disagreed what the hell was there to disagree about? I don't see how you can disagree with a question
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Wozzer  +   2860d ago
I used something like:

Ventura Blvd
Serra Mesa,
CA 90210,

Its ridiculous the way Sony can't just give every region the same content, instead they favour the US store and neglect the other regions. Sony can't blame us for creating fake accounts, they brought it on themselves!
THE_JUDGE  +   2860d ago
Thats definelty not too shabby
SCEE is finally starting to get its act together.
killer_trap  +   2860d ago
i don't get it!!!! why should we always wait a whole week just to get the demos that were on the American store. this really sucks. I'm declaring the EU store the crappiest of crappy crap I've ever seen. i mean just do yourself a favor and make an American account and the problem's solved.

and no PES. what gives. the problem is i just got a 360 but for some reason the live network ain't alive and kicking@#!@#!. also,playing PES with an analog is like playing with your nose. you shouldn't do it unless you really have to.
picker332  +   2860d ago
If you have a us account(like i have) then this update is not so new.
The only thing that was new was that bladestorm or something and that was kind of boring in my opinion.
AliC  +   2860d ago
Mostly demos I have already downloaded from the US store, again it looks like i'll be downloading my demos from the US strore

and where the hell is PES 2008
Hades1337  +   2860d ago
moan moan moan
its an awesome update; 4 demos!!

I live in the EU for christ sakes and Im getting tired of people constantly moaning that one particular demo has not been released. Skate demo (now on), Jericho demo (now on) and now the PES demo?! Next week people will be complaining of another demo that hasnt been added!!
Dark_Overlord  +   2860d ago
People aren't complaining about the demo's, theyre complaining at the fact we have to wait at least a week after the US store gets it. Which is making some/a lot of the people who own a PS3 feel like a second rate gamer cause theyre from the EU
Sevir04  +   2859d ago
Well guys, you have to understand
The devs are the ones who have to do region by region coding for launguage support made for the EU and UK stores and remeber it's been confirmed that PS3 demos that are made for PSN take a tad more work than xbox live, in addition Sony isn't incharge of third Party content when it comes to demo's and add ons, once the demo is ready the 3rd party's send it off and sony does a network test once it gets pass approval for PSN then it's uploaded. i understand that because of this it makes Eu UK markets seem like second rate games markets but. i think it's because Third parties are mostly US based and since they are they greatly prioritize they're efforts for the US first and then ever other market after. EU and UK are huge markets yes, but for everyone getting a steady foot in NA first is what they want to do and then EU and UK second and so on. their is just way to many languages to code for and translate when you think about doing something for the Eurasian continent as a whole, much, much more effort and time goes in which is why EU and UK launches fall behind at 6-9 months when it comes time to lauch bing games and 2-4 weeks for things like demos. so dont blame sony blame it's third party for the wait. because sony can only request them a demo. 3rd Party can say yes but it'll take time.
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Gibroon  +   2859d ago
Stop your moaning
Grow up and stop being a bunch of spoilt brats.
4 demos is a good show in my book and PES is not going to be radically different from what you have played before.

Ever heard the phrase "patience is virtue".

Getting angry over a demo is just plain daft.

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