What High Voltage wants from the Nintendo Wii 2

Eurogamer writes: "Multi-core would be great." Wii visuals "haggard".

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Downtown boogey2680d ago

w00t I though Wii was crazy powerful...

theDJKNOWN2680d ago

hmm like gamecube powerful !!!

DelbertGrady2680d ago

Wii 2 will be like three, no four Wiis duct taped together.

Blad3star2680d ago

The ability to play Blu Ray Or at least DVD ;)

matey2680d ago

the wii was never in competition with the HD twins the wii is its own console and can sit along side the wii2 when it hits im selling my wii before the 3ds and waiting 4 a wii2/wiiRS what eve they call it i want 1 going off the 3ds the wii2/wiiRS will be amazing