Blizzard plans Diablo III on consoles

Developer says that "if ever there was a Blizzard franchise that could work on console, this is it"

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sobekflakmonkey2566d ago

Yeah, true.
Still think its kinda cool though, all they need is mouse and keyboard support, i dont know why games dont do that anymore, i remember Unreal tournament 3 for ps3 had Keyboard & Mouse support, so god damn it devs...get on it!!!

hellzsupernova2566d ago

i hope its not the full pc version of diablo 3 but another side story in the diablo universe like they done with Baulders gate. mainly because i just want to play Diablo 3 already and if they try to make it for consoles now it will delay things even more

hellzsupernova2566d ago

because Diablo 3 has been in and out of developemnt sine 2002. and if they have just hired these people were going to waiting a lot longer especially since reports have said they have finished the game and are now just polishing it and sorting out bugs and balancing etc.

MagicGamer2566d ago

They tease us every time.

toaster2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

You need to learn how to get hits without writing false misleading titles...

[edit] Derp, just realized that you might not necessarily be the author. My apologies.

If so, shame on you.

Lirky2566d ago

If its free to play then neat.. So the graphics will be better than d2 lod , and possible better features. One thing i hate about blizzards ways of doing account things how your characters expire if u dont play them for 60 days.

They should lift that i lost tons of items because of blizzard doing this.

zero_cool2566d ago

Playstation move & 3D enabled support would be nice if this game is actually coming out for consoles.

WhiteNoise2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Ok.....just wtf....

Regardless of whether it comes to consoles ( and I couldn't care either way )

Why WOULD you want to play it on a console.

I tried to play DMC4 on a keyboard and mouse, after that experience I'd rather just jar my wrist on purpose in advance rather than try again, it is why I bought a gamepad.

The opposite is true of Diablo....why would anyone take a relatively simple game and make it frustratingly hard.

Take a look at the skill bar for torchlight on consoles

Then look at it on PC

It has like 1/16th of the spells and items :S:S:S

Who would want to play that?

reynod2566d ago

Completely agree, however its the greedy developers / publishers who are willing to dumb down games just for the extra $$.

madjedi2565d ago

@reynod Played d1 and the hellfire expansion religiously beat 2 a few times, played the ps1a little version it was basically the same game.

"Completely agree, however its the greedy developers / publishers who are willing to dumb down games just for the extra $$." When you can come up with a new civilization where money isn't basically everything, i'm all ears, till then were sol.

Seriously how can you really dumb down diablo? It's a straight forward dungeon crawler go to new area slaughter everything pick up the loot, sell excess loot upgrade weapons/armor, accessories and spells, do quests, lvl up and repeat till end game.

It's diablo, the graphics aren't going to be incredible even on high end systems, the skill/spell/enchantment system fairly straight forward, and the quests standard rpg fetch or kill quests, what can be dumbed down from diablo that other console rpgs haven't already done?

Shane Kim2566d ago

Well Diablo 1 worked on PS so why not?

STK0262566d ago

While I plan on playing D3 on PC, I can see it work kinda well on consoles, just like some (mediocre) games in the past like Untold Legends, Sacred 2 and the rather good Baldur's Gate 2 DA. In my opinion, the reason most of these were mediocre had little to do with controls.

hellzsupernova2566d ago

dude it would work perfectly on consoles. just need mass effect style wheels for spells and abilities. look at baulders gate on ps2 is was awesome it worked awesomely

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