Does Mortal Kombat 9 banning encourage piracy?

Mortal Kombat 9 banned down under, but will this encourage determined Australians to download the game?

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MaggieA2594d ago

I think it will encourage some to download the game if it works (I think they use the same PAL as Europe). I don't think there will be masses of gamers modding their machines just to play it though.

waltyftm2593d ago

No, There is no excuse for people to pirate games, What they should do is Import it for the PS3(region free) or ask Nether realms to make the 360 version region free too(this would be a very smart move).

Drjft2593d ago

You can't import it. They just announced they will be seizing import copies and handing out $220,000 fines for mass imports.

rjgbyrne2593d ago

Up to 3 times the amount of the item, but it is not clear as most states allow RC material to own but not sell. Its very clearly worded on the classifications board. As with all credit card transactions, if the item ordered does not arrive, it is not payable by the consumer. The attorney general and Government are to blame with the laws being so far behind the rest of the western world, especially with the average gamer in Aus being 33-38, its a state election in March, just in time for a policy to be sorted for gamers. Get with the times Australia or lag behind the entire western world.

waltyftm2593d ago

Wow, I did not know that, Still there is no need to pirate a game, It is theft.

Gray-Fox2593d ago

People got charged OVER $1,000 for importing Left 4 Dead 2. While the lucky ones just got a warning.

zeal0us2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

No excuse for pirating but if the country i'm in is banning a product please tell me what other way I can get it without spending $$$ taking a trip where its available at legally?

W8 for the board to change there mind? Maybe but I highly doubt it will happen.

Pirate ONLY IF theres ABSOLUTELY no other way. But seeing that Australia is a big place thats alot of $$$ lost to pirating but then again seeing as it is banned there was no money to gain from there in the first place.

Venox20082593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

what about Xbox players? many fans would want to play this new MK, I think that they will pirate if the can't play it because of region ... I just hate that banning system in Australia and some other countries.. I know that piracy is a bad thing, but what to do for some people? MK fanbase is huge.. I think they won't buy a different region console just for MK adn still we don't know if they 'll make it region free game..

bozebo2593d ago

[X] game banned down under.

Isn't everything banned there?