Rocksmith - Three new videos emerged

There are three new videos from Ubi's real guitar simulation Rocksmith available. This one shows The Musician. More after the jump.

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Fred-G-Sanford2560d ago

Well, that is certainly interesting, but I'm wondering how much latency this will have.

Oh, and those songs being played were absolutely horrible. lol

Very cool concept, though.
Could be huge if decent songs are offered.

Hedberg2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

I'm surprised I haven't heard more about this title....looks very promising. Great way to keep your chops up. Like Fred G. says above...hope they have a more appealing song list than what was being played. If not this title may be destined to clutch it's chest and say, "I'm comin' to see ya Elizabeth!" :)

Corrwin2560d ago

Oh wow.

We started off with Learn to play Guitar Videos.
But those were lame, so we played Parapa The Rapper.
But we got bored so we played Guitar Hero.
But we needed more so we played Rock Band.
But we needed more so now we'll play alongside a Learn to play Guitar Video.


Tex1172560d ago

I laughed because I have a Learn to play Guitar Video....Got some decent blues riffs out of it actually.