Video games better than the movie they came from

As watching Bob Hoskins playing a dungaree-clad Brooklyn plumber will tell you, films based on video games are, for the most part, abysmal.

This isn't true for video games based on movies, though. Often they’re as well-crafted as the film they're supposed to be helping to promote, and sometimes actually a class above.

So here are the ten greatest games that bettered their cinematic makers.

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NukaCola2687d ago

The thing that saved Wolverine was it started out as an original game, until the Movie IP was forced onto it. It could of been greater. I was glad it was M Rated still. The violence was also a nice save from the kid friendly movie. People need to know that Wolverine is a very violent, hostile, savage beast who's rage gets the best of him. I would still like to see an original Wolverine game the way the devs wanted it to be.

Pozzle2687d ago

I definitely agree with this, and it bugs me when people say that movies need to be changed or added to because the games they are based off generally have shitty stories. It's an argument that is especially brought up when people talk about the Resident Evil movies: "They NEEDED to add a character like Alice. The story wouldn't be as strong without her" or "They needed to change the plot. The original game didn't have enough plot". What the hell? According to who? Sure, RE games might not have the best stories out there, but the original plot (mysterious murders, STARS sent to investigate, zombies revealed, Wesker's betrayal) is better than a hell of a lot of movies out there.