Halo Waypoint Update Detailed

Microsoft Games Studio has recently updated the Halo Waypoint app for Windows Phone 7, bringing it closer to the sister app freely available for Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE. A number of new features have been added while others been updated and enhanced, and today Electronic Theatre can bring you the full details on just what has changed.

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Neko_Mega2505d ago

So wait, is the only for Windows phone or is the for XBL as well?

HK62505d ago

WP7 and this is old.

Neko_Mega2505d ago

Ok thanks, now why didn't someone disagree when I just was wondering?

HK62505d ago

I think you meant did not didn't.

sickpup2505d ago

They should add more service record stats to the Halo Reach in game stats. The online stats track so much more but lack good friend comparisons or overall leaderboards.