GameSpot: Full House Poker Review

You could be forgiven for thinking that you simply don't need Full House Poker. After all, it costs 800 Microsoft points and there are plenty of online poker games out there that can be played for free. Few are as welcoming for newcomers or as good looking as Full House Poker, though, and none let your avatar perform tricks with chips while wearing a Halo: Reach helmet and your favorite game-logo T-shirt. If your poker face isn't good enough for you to be a high roller in Vegas, know that there's a lot of fun to be had living out that dream vicariously through your avatar.

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Neko_Mega2593d ago

Yeah not to many poker games let me use my avatar or do tricks with the chips. But I'm not willing to pay more money on top of the price for this game to do all that.

So yeah.

EVILDEAD3602593d ago

Can't wait..

Although we have been doing it since guitar Hero 5, I think the assition of your Avatars into a poker a poker game is perfect. Who cares about the AI, I can't wait to play sessions with my buddies over Live talking trash over party chat.

The original Texas Hold em was a blast when arcade was a puppy. This looks like a fun upgrade. Sign me up..


guigsy2593d ago

This should have been free like 1 vs 100.