ZoKnowsGaming: Homefront Review: So Much More Than We Expected

ZoKnowsGaming writes "I was really excited to do this Homefront review because even though I am a huge Call Of Duty fan and I still think that when it comes to FPSs it is the platinum standard from an overall gameplay perspective, but Homefront is no slouch. Call Of Duty is no longer leaps and bounds above its competition and the remaining gap is closing fast. Homefront proves that you can have an FPS that is highly realistic while still being fun to play. When I saw the amount of advertising muscle that THQ was putting behind Homefront I was worried, normally companies do that to try and prop up a title that isn’t that good. I’m here to tell you that Homefront doesn’t need it and that it is more than a worthy addition to your FPS collection."

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Neko_Mega2564d ago

I was ask if I was going to get this game, I told the girl no because I don't have the money for it. But it seems like a good game.

Sounds like a good review, never heard of this site.

2564d ago
joab7772564d ago

I must say that after reading like 6 reviews, i am more lost than ever. I had my worries about this game from the beginning, and nothing has been written to change that. While the scores have been competent, the remarks haven't. Its either been really good or average at best. The script and emotive cutscenes are powerful. I have heard that the graphics are sub par for this generation and the animations are goofy sometimes or not much is said. The voicework is generic, and the AI is either brilliant or gets in your way. The guns have no kick, feel like toys and are overpowered for a resistance fighter or not mentioned. There is a cool helicopter part and the game is very short. MP is quite similar to cod but differs enough. There are problems w hit detection but its fun. Snipers can snipe alot but there's only 2 sniper rifles. Again graphics are sub par, but there's dedicated servers. U wont spend long playing MP or its better than k3 and bfbc2. Ok. In a time when an MP experience like k3 is possible and crysis 2 is around the corner, how am i supposed to trust this game? No one has written anything bad about k3 multiplayer. In fact, so many rave reviews. I would probably say it is the most immersive, brutal MP to date, but it gets no love. My guess is that there is either a push to get this game reviewed well, or die hard cod fans want something new so bad, and koas was smart enough to make something so similar, that fans are foaming at the mouth. I'm gonna go w my k3 and grab crysis 2. I have a sneaking feeling that this is where the qualitiy truely lies.