Australian customs to seize Mortal Kombat imports

Gamespot: Australian Customs and Border Protection Service adds refused classification fighter to blacklist; copies detected to be confiscated, fines up to A$110,000 issued.

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iMaim2442d ago

Now I'm NOT allowed to import it?!
That's a little too extreme.

topgeareasy2442d ago

what if they go to new zealand and buy it there

Quagmire2442d ago

Still, you cant bring it into the country

Another reason why NZ > Australia :P

Tachyon_Nova2442d ago

Nah, Australia's better 'bro'. Why do you think so many of them come and live here?

YoungKingDoran2442d ago

lol, yeah right pal. all you got is some nice landscapes, and Mt. Doom.

JohnnyBadfinger2442d ago

Australia wins simply because it is geologically stable... apart from the droughts... the floods...bush fires... cyclones... and the blistering hot 45 degree Celsius summers (which i fucken love)... its 10x more stable then NZ

Plus we can pronunciate the English language properly

stonecold32442d ago

thats out rages man i think they should put 18+ games here in australia i support the idea we should fight it all the way to the goverment

Caleb_1412442d ago

"out rages" - sorry, I just had to lol :P

256bit2442d ago

lets see what zangief kid has to say about this.

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The story is too old to be commented.