Killzone 3 Review | Mad Overdose writes: The Killzone series is a perfect rags to riches story when it comes to the videogame industry. With it’s first iteration being nothing more than a mediocre, run of the mill shooter that had about as much impact as a pissed on firework. Killzone 2 blew away expectations, becoming a visual benchmark for console games, and even surpassing the target render set by Guerrilla Games themselves, not to mention being a damn fine game by it’s own merits. Just two years later, Killzone 3 aims to raise the bar even further. Promising tighter controls, more varied locales and set pieces and aiming to deliver an even more exciting cinematic experience, there is certainly a lot to show. Under the hood, Killzone 3 marks one of the first games to make use of full 3D enabled TV’s, as well officially becoming the first mainstream First Person Shooter to make use of Sony’s ice cream remote. But how well does it all gel together? Well I’ve played through the games single player and multiplayer using the Playstation Move and Sony Sharpshooter attachment, and I think I have a pretty good answer.

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