Folklore gets 7.2 from

Hit the jump to see's Folklore video review (HD).

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wil4hire4086d ago

Design gets a 7? Compared to what?

GameTrailers is always good with the reviews/explanations and examples.
I feel the whole "DELAY."(less than a second) After loading lores was a bit overblown? It seems like when you compare this game to GOD OF WAR, removes you from the credible reviewer space.

The IGN/GT Reviews are identical. It just seems that the GameTrailer reviewer doesn't care for the Genre as much as the IGN Boys do.

Lord Anubis4086d ago

the one second delay is hardly something to make fuss about. Don't know why they make such a big deal out of it.

The game is very unique and there's something to it that just makes you want to keep playing it. The game has gotten better reviews by others, it interesting to see why the gave folklore a low score.

Bebedora4086d ago

There is wrong people reviewing games, unless there are shooters or sports (incl racers). Comparing to GeoW is just a confirmation of it.

nasim4086d ago

IGN --a more credible website has given FOLKLORE a 9/10

I would rather trust IGN review than GAMETRAILERS.

we wait to see GAMESPOT's review as well . Although MS biased GAMESPOT sometimes award ps3 games with good reviews

testerg354086d ago

"IGN --a more credible website has given FOLKLORE a 9/10 I would rather trust IGN review than GAMETRAILERS. "

Hahahahaha.... now IGN is more credible to you. Well until they give another PS3 game a bad score and then its back to IGN is sh!t, IGN is biased, IGN is ran by a bunch of xbots.

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MK_Red4086d ago

WTF!? Design and Presentation alone in this game deserve 9 and 10. GameTrailer has always been harsh on PS3 games (Check their Heavenly Sword review).

wil4hire4086d ago

As someones opinion, but even then I find it hard. I don't care for halo, but I'd give it a 8.5-9/10 Because of how much fun it is, for the entire package.. as an FPS.

The Folklore demo was great, The design is amazing. I just want to know how they quantify that, and how HALO has better design than this truly creative well art directed game.

For one, I don't even think they played it.. Whats with the GOD OF WAR ref? Would you compare Kingdom Hearts to God of war?..

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nanometric4086d ago

Ahhh, at last I did it! Is it good now? :D

macsto4086d ago

AAA AM CONFIR....oh wait.... WAIT FOR UT3....oh wait again......WAIT FOR UNCHARTED, RATCHET AND CLANK!!!

Bebedora4086d ago

will score high. No matter what. That's my prediction for you.

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The story is too old to be commented.