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First-person shooters are quickly becoming the reality show of video games. No, Jeff Probst isn't going to weasel his way into Call of Duty, but first-person shooters, like reality shows on television, are everywhere. Both are saturated categories full of a lot of uninspired, derivative entries. So when there's a new offering in an overused genre, it has to be special to get noticed.

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slinky1234562411d ago

I was expecting a little better.

ddurand12411d ago

not sure why but i think alot of people were.

they didnt show 1 thing that was able to get my attention. and i gobble up fps.

despair2411d ago

This is the US review as well, not just AU. Good review, 5 hour campaign and generic combat mechanics should bring down a game score and rightly so it was done here.

thrasherv32411d ago

MW2 = 5 hour campaign and generic combat.
MW2 =/= Same score as this game.

IGN also released a MAJOR spoiler in one of their HF videos in January. Just sayin.

Senden2411d ago

I think at the end of the day, the reviewer probably reviewed it based on his impressions. Me nor a hell of a lot of people would ever have said MW2 was a generic seen it all before shooter.. it added so many new things that it took the generic shooter to a whole new level.

This on the other hand looks more like a clone with a few tacked on features to try and woo people with it.

This is going off the fact that I haven't actually played it and from what i've seen in videos. I could be totally wrong but personally I'll never know as I won't invest in what looks like a generic shooter without first trying it.

despair2411d ago


Its easy enough to condemn an entire website for what is definitely some poor reviews at times. But the guy who reviewed Homefront is not the same who did MW2 or Black Ops or even MW1.

He's very justified in his score and he makes his points clearly, its not just "its a 7/10 game" with no explanation, what he said actually makes sense.

I'm sure the next COD game will be a 8+ score and its not a perfect world, but if a reviewer can justify why they gave it that score then you can disagree with them but not argue with their logic or justified opinion. Remember its not just 1 reviewer doing every game.

DelbertGrady2411d ago

If you're mostly interested in the SP then Crysis 2 looks to have more on offer, but if you're more interested in the MP then this seems better imo. Didn't like the MP demo of Crysis 2. It was too messy and the cloak spamming got old quickly.

despair2411d ago

heh I kept nano vision on almost constantly, cloaked guys don't expect it and it last long and recharges fast, got the highest kill/death ratio on 12 games :)

Ducky2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

^ Which is what eventually killed my interest in Crysis2.

Started out fun... then learned about hologram. Had some lulz. Then learned about nanovision. Had more lulz.
Then realized I spent more than half my time in nano vision, and the only reason to not use it was to enjoy the graphics, otherwise, it was just easy mode.

Maybe if I played more, I might've learned about something to counter nanovision whores (Holograms might work... but not when the guy shooting it also appears as a heat signature)

Kinda reminded me of ArkhamAsylums 'BatVision' (or whatever that X-ray trinket was called... Detective vision? bleh)

Anyways, I liked the review. Wish more games were done as honestly as well.

despair2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )


You are absolutely right, the only reason I started using Nanovision at all was because of the stealth guys, never really went to the holograms but then you couldn't get a decent score without nanavision and it became pretty standard.

I only had 3 play sessions with the game before I got bored, about 15 games total and I was done with it. The MP is decent but the capability to abuse the abilities are there.

But I'm not a big fan of MP shooters and usually last 2 weeks max per game. Thats why reviews like this tell me what I want to know, how the SP campaign is done. MP should never be the primary goal of a story driven game like the devs claimed Homefront was.

AusWarrior2411d ago

Looking forward to at least testing it out.

Apotheosize2411d ago

Well I was actually expecting a big flop, good to hear its decent

Jack-Pyro2411d ago

Could Someone fix the title of this article?

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