G4tv: Homefront Review

G4: "It's just a shame that the single-player game is so rooted in old-school design sensibilities. The multiplayer, on the other hand, is dead on for fans of Call of Duty who want something familiar, but still a little new."

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Ch1d0r12506d ago

Finally a review that makes sense idk others are giving it 8's.

DaCajun2506d ago

They seem to be basing most of the low score on a short campaign like all the others that have given it a low score. Wow you know what they seemed to describe COD in their description of this games campaign, hmmmm but COD got a lot higher score. I call bias BS with a lot of these crap low reviews. See the COD fanboyism shine out in some of these reviews

They all seem to pretty much agree that the multi-player is really good.

Game0N2506d ago

despite the recent surge of 8s and such, the overall consensus seems to be in the 70-75% range, expect that number (somewhat) at metacritic after 80 reviews.

Jacobster2506d ago

Expected, hope it does alright on THQ's behalf and breaks the activision monopoly a bit. Competition should result in more innovation eventually ?

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