Is the 'Cheat Code' Dead?

People above a certain age will remember that video games used to be hard. Really hard.

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Buho2682d ago

LOL those were the days. The last time I used cheat codes was on the GTA games on the PS2/Xbox. Video games today are much easier than games released years ago.

christheredhead2682d ago

cheat codes were an awesome part of last gen and the gen before. i also had a gameshark for just about every system growing up and man i got so much value out of that thing haha. now and days if you wanted to use a cheat code you would have download it as dlc. "cheat code pack now available. only 9.99".

Tuxedo_Mask2682d ago

These days you don't need a cheat code because most games are either already easy or have glitches that inadvertently give you an advantage like the item glitch in Oblivion or the trap glitch in Dragon Age: Origins. Strangely, the games that have the lowest ratings are usually much more challenging and offer no cheat codes or advantageous glitches.